Sunday, January 3, 2010

Out with the Old and in with New!

Hope ya'll had a fabulous holiday & New Year's!

I'm so excited about this new year!
I'm hoping to really branch out at the shop and learn some new skills.

And can you believe I already feel behind!!
Valentine's Day feels just around the corner, and I have soo many ideas.

For my sweet Isa-pie, I will be making her a special quilt
since she's become quite the blankie queen.

I tend to fall in love with charm packs, but I'm tired of simply
sewing them side by side for a quick quilt.

After Googling for some ideas, I can upon this adorable

It's just the right amount of different for me to
not feel like I'm doing the same ol' thing,
but it doesn't look like an all time consuming masterpiece either.

Should have some pics of it for you in about 2 weeks...

Please mention "Sweetie Pie" in your checkout notes.

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