Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Defeat or Glory

My wetsuit is ready to be shipped.
My campsite is cancelled.
I've accepted hours to work Saturday afternoon.
I am not doing my first open water Triathlon this Saturday.

The Baby has some kind of awful stomach bug.
The kind of bug that you don't want me to blog about.
And Hubby has been working nights.
I think I could could count the number of hours I've slept on one hand.
There is no way I'm dragging us on a camping trip to do a Triathlon.
It would be miserable and dangerous for me.

It's been hard to let this go. I feel like I've failed. I hate sucking up a $200 loss with no glory picture.
I am not a silver lining kind of gal. I leave that to my Bestie and Mom.
But there is one...

I am stronger now.
I am leaner now.
I am faster now.
I am eating clean now... and so is my family.
I am motivated now.
I am healthy now.

Would I be any of those had I not been working my butt off to compete?
Without a doubt.. nope.
There are a lot of reasons why I jumped on the healthy path,
but one of the biggest is to be role model for my girls.

And I will do that this weekend by letting go of something that is important to me,
for something is that is more.. the health and happiness of my girls.

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Rachel said...

I'm sorry, that stinks.


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