Friday, March 16, 2012

Plus Kisses Boo Boo Packs - Moda Tutorial

Are you eager for summer? My family and I have already spent several days lounging in our backyard. When you have lived in Utah for a few years, you would be amazed that 60 degrees feels warm!

I made these fun boo boo packs for the Moda Bakeshop. It is quick, easy, and if you are like us then you will need several this summer!

I had a question this morning about how long the rice is "good" for. Well.. I haven't issues yet to be honest. We have a different set that is a year old, but I haven't found a need to change it out..

Also, I mentioned in the post that these are great as little heaters while camping. What we do is place them near the campfire (not too close.. my husband has singed his before!) and toss them into the bottom of your sleeping bag. It is truly a wonderful thing to slip into a warm sleeping bag and quickly have toasty toes!

I hope you will check out the tutorial!

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