Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Soldered Soul Shrines

This past week I treated myself & my mother to one of Lauri Grimshaw-Cox's art classes. After I took one of her soldering classes in January, I've been waiting eagerly to take her soul shrine class. It's probably one of her hardest classes, but it's incredibly rewarding. Inside each of our soldered shrines, we have tucked in personal treasures.

This is my mother's soul shrine dedicated to my sweet grandmother..

 Inside is my grandmother's wedding band, an angel wing, mother & daughter pearls, and more..

And this is my soul shrine dedicated to my soul mate and daughters..

Inside is the key to my heart, a mother's charm, two pink pearls for my lovely angels, and a grey pearl for my hubby.

This was an amazing technique class and in the end we've created such a sentimental piece of art. Lauri does not often list this class and it fills up quick, so I highly recommend joining her newsletter and signing up for the next time it is offered.

I can not wait to make another one! Her classes always fill me with such inspiration and renewed love for soldering.


Epiphanies Of An ArtGirl said...

Thank you for being there!! LOVED your momma and it was such a fun group! Cant wait to have you in another class. Joyfully ~ Lauri

Unknown said...

This is so beautiful!


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