Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Playing In Clay

I had a huge surge in quilty inspiration after the baby was born. Last month I was working on 6 quilts plus a number of sewing projects for a book coming out next year. And what does all that sewing do to me? It makes me want to throw it all in a box and run away. I'm not sure why, but all that inspiration and work leaves me exhausted and in need for a break.

And then I had a great blog post idea, I was going to give all my tips on how to juggle children while pursing an artist career. Wouldn't you know it, the baby boycotted naps for 2 weeks and the very last thing I felt like doing was giving balance tips to anyone. Oy! That post is saved for a time when I feel like Supermom.

What to do with no desire to sew, little time to work and a desperate need for creative time? I picked up some clay and had a blast!

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