Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Impermanent Art - Nail Art

I've always loved the idea of impermanent art. To create for the sheer joy of the process - not for a profit or lasting fame. To create something to bring inspiration for others or yourself. An art piece that you could walk away from tomorrow, full from the experience. I saw these manifestations in sidewalk chalk art, sand art and others. I've never found a medium that really worked for me nor the time to flesh out ideas.

And then I was blessed with two little girls. Two little girly girls. Two little girly girls that would have their toes and fingernails painted every day if they could. I have never been a nail girl. They chip, it's tricky - what artist does their nails? You know they will be trashed quickly. I found out though that painting little girls nails is a tricky way to make them extremely happy and they have to sit for awhile quietly as their nails dry. At some I figured that I should join in on the fun.. and then it was really fun. I searched Pinterest for ideas and holy moly, there are a ton! And it dawned on me that nail art can be impermanent art. I'm hooked.

I am not a good manicurist.. at all. I don't know what to do with my cuticles. I don't have a bunch of lotions and potions. I do however have a selection of nail paints, acrylic paints and lots of fine brushes.

So please excuse what is probably a tragic manicure and I hope you enjoy the latest nail art I've created for myself and one for the girls..

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