Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ice Cream Cone - Cake Bites

My middle child is finishing up her last year of preschool before she starts homeschooling. We adore her school and will miss every one of the teachers and staff. Tomorrow there is an annual school picnic for the children and families. I volunteered to bring dessert of course, but had no idea what I was going to make. Cupcakes? Cookies? Popsicles? I searched Pinterest and found these adorable ice cream cone cake pops on Love Bake Good Cakes. I immediately knew that they would be perfect for the picnic! I made mine a bit differently, but I love them both!

For my cake bites, I baked up a rich yellow, butter cake. Once it was cool, I crumbled it up in my KitchenAid with a good scoop of mini chocolate chips and just a bit of vanilla frosting. You want to know what it taste like? Just like it looks in the picture - dangerously delicious chocolate chip cookie batter. Oh my. Scoop up with a cookie dough baller and place in fridge for an hour or two.

I melted a bunch of bright white candy melts, rolled the cake bite in and smooshed on top of a mini ice cream cake cone. Let it dry for a bit - if the "ice cream" melts down the side, I think it adds to the fun of it.

Then melt some cocoa flavored candy melts, drizzle on top and adorn with sprinkles. They will harden for a few minutes and will be perfect for a picnic! I hope you try these and maybe change up the flavors. It would be kinda fun to place a gummy bear at the bottom of the cone (my favorite ice cream parlor used to do this when I was a kid)

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