Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chocolate Damask Taffeta For Isabelle

Isabelle has 2 meetings with Santa this week and I'm hoping to get "THE" Christmas card photo from one of them. Tomorrow is the Tree Festival and on Thursday she'll be in her jammies heading up to the North Pole on "Polar Express". I sewed Isabelle a holiday dress with some gorgeous chocolate brown damask taffeta (I will be creating a bubble skirt for myself later so that we match this holiday season!)

This was supposed to be an "Easy" pattern. It took me about 3 hours, and I still have to hem it. It's close to midnight, and I'm not waking the
baby to see where it falls. Also the pattern included hand slip stitching as well as a zipper. Not the hardest things in the book,but I think for a new seamstress it would have been aggravating. I did make some changes to how I
placed the yoke on the skirt,but that can be a tad dry reading.. so if you make it and want to know what I did, feel free to drop me a line.

All in all,I'm pretty happy with it.
I will probably add a hook & eye
above the zipper later. Just a thing that is bugging me, but no biggie. And if I made it again, I
would definitely use my serger.. for first time
around projects I only use my sewing machine (don't want unwanted cuts to the fabric!)

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