Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little This and That

I apologize for the lack of posts these past 2 weeks, there has been so much going on here at home. It literally took me a week to recover from our overnight camping trip with the girls. Anyone have tips to camping with a baby and toddler, AND not coming home completely wiped out? I'd love some ideas!

Summer is here and our days have been filled with early mornings, running through sprinklers, learning the art of a water balloon fight, and evenings on the deck. Unfortunately it hasn't left too much time for blogging or working in the studio. But with beautiful, sweet babies like these who can complain?
I did finish two items last week for my Etsy shop. First up is a Diva Minnie Mouse inspired quilted baby blanket. I am a stickler about copyright - there are no licensed Disney fabrics in this quilt. They are just fabrics that remind me of the iconic fashionable Mouse! Lots of pink, black, polka dots, and zebra stripes. So much fun!
And I had been working on a paper pieced Union Jack for awhile now. I always test on my patterns to make sure they will come out as well I as imagined. I reworked the pattern 3 times and considered scrapping it all together, but I just love the iconic image. I realized my mistake - I was trying to replicate rather than trying to create my own version. As soon as I went wonky and embraced my vision, it was perfect! The pattern is for 4"x6" and it makes a fabulous applique! I'm using my test pattern on a mini art quilt, but I think this would be so cute on a bib or burp cloth!

I'm also working on a couple larger art pieces. It is hard for me to stay focused on the lengthier projects since I'm all about immediate gratification. These new pieces have been floating in my head for awhile though, so I'm excited to work on them and don't want to rush it.

Due to our crazy,crazy summer schedule I'm going to put off doing more sewing pattern reviews & knock off tutorials till at least the end of July. I have lots of fun projects lined up for you, but time is moving so fast. In the meantime, if you do have any requests - please let me know!


Kathleen said...

Glad you checked in as I was beginning to worry about you! You are smart to spend this time with your adorable, growing-faster-than-weeds girls. Love your interpretation of the Union Jack.

Julia said...

You are a busy mom! I love your version of the British flag.

Hanz, Fashionista Era Design said...

Such sweet shot of kid :)


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