Monday, March 12, 2012

The Fight For The Bed

Do you remember a couple weeks ago when I was writing about making Kiddo an American Girl doll bed for her birthday? Well today is her actual birthday and she opened her gifts from us this evening. What I did not expect was that:
 1.) Baby would fall in love with the bed 
 2.) Baby would believe with all her adorable heart that the bed was in fact for her to sleep in...

I bring you the fight for the bed..

Here is Baby getting comfy cozy in the bed upon arrival..

Here is Kiddo's new and first American Girl doll in the bed made for her..
ironically named "Julie"... And I love how she is a doll from the 70's.. it's perfect for the Boho chic bed..

Watch as Baby expertly removes the baby doll from the premises..

 And she moves her adorable chunky bum back in..

All is well again  in the Baby kingdom..


Anita said...

Too funny! My granddaughter used to do the same thing, but I swear her bed was even tinier! Cracked me up everytime she would squeeze into it...and she'd fit :)

Jan Maree said...

do i see another cute mini bed in your future!

Unknown said...

Way too cute!

Lisa said...

Look like you will need to make another!

VickiT said...

OH that is just too adorable. That last picture has a little doll with the face of "I WON" to it. LOL How funny.

barbara woods said...

love that . it made my day


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