Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Know You're A Die Hard Free Motion Quilter When..

When you free motion in and out of your thumb..twice..
break the needle and then have push it on the other side of the finger.
All the while your toddler screams and is in awe of the ordeal.

In a word.. ouch.

My original post will be delayed a day or so. Have no fear, I'll be back to quilting tonight and will have a fun inspiration piece for you..

In the mean time, want to play my game?

Feel free to finish the line..

"You know you're a die hard free motion quilter when..."


Needled Mom said...

Ouch is right. I've done it once and that was plenty for my liking!

Mhairi said...

Did you pull the needle out and get back to sewing or did you stop and comfort your toddler. I think that a die hard quilter would only stop to replace the broken needle and wrap the finger to ensure no blood ruined the quilt!! :D
OUCH by the way - that makes me feel funny just thinking about sewing my finger. Don't know how you managed to pull it out yourself.
I don't free motion quilt so I can't join the game - I am too scared about the mess I would make on the fabric.

lorene said...

thank you for making me feel I am not alone! LOL... been there done that. but as i looked at my finger and decided that my non quilting family wouldn't think i was stupid for sewing my finger, i decided that i would tell them it was from a snake bite! there, that makes me sound brave a courageous since I am deathly afraid of snakes. the story sounds more interesting that way! lol... it amazed how sore the darn finger was. AND it was my right pointer finger - the one i use all the time. take care! and use a cute bandaide!


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