Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Big Dream List

Last year I found and become obsessed with Create Mixed Media's podcasts. I love hearing from artists: their techniques, their loves and their tips. In one of the podcasts, the artist spoke for several minutes on the importance of creating a "big dream" list. Basically you sit down and meditate over what are the largest goals/dreams that you can imagine for your life. I heard in an interview with Jim Carrey that he did something similar, he wrote himself a check for one million dollars and had a deadline. It's not voodoo or something equally mythical. It's making yourself really question what you want and then holding yourself accountable for achieving those goals in your lifetime.

I am huge on lists. I have a ridiculous amount of notebooks and planners. I have a list for my daily and monthly action items among other extraneous ones. However, I did not have a big dream list. I figured why not, right? Last year I had decided I was not going to be mainstream when it made me uncomfortable, I didn't want to create the same item over and over, I didn't care if my art was sold or accepted. All that freedom left me with lots of free room, but not much direction. Sitting down to create this list was hard!

Actual list created last year!

I want enough money to contribute to our home, I want to inspire, I want some level of acknowledgment and acceptance in my inner circles, and I want a wee bit of fame. I knew this list was supposed to be a BIG dream list, but it had to be true to me too.

Now like I said, it's not magic making them happen. Once the list is completed, you are to write another list. A list of what YOU have to do to make those dreams a realistic goal. For every single one of these goals, the answer was to CREATE MORE. I needed to work more, more authentic, creating those images that have been dancing in my head.

And so I have focused on creating.It's a hard balance with family, as a mother of two young girls and another baby on the way.. they are my first priority. However in the wee hours of the night and naps, I have worked.

This past weekend, I was blessed with this email from Jenny Doh..

I was able to mark my first goal as completed! Later this year I will be a Guest Curator on Crescendoh! I'm beyond excited. I wanted this because Jenny is one of my most favorite role models. I adore everything she creates, she spends her life inspiring others and spotlighting others, she is just amazing in so many ways. And as a Guest Curator, this opportunity is not a hot spotlight on me. I spend the week spotlighting artists I adore! Isn't that awesome? And there is a post about my personal experience with Art Saves.

I hope that you will consider writing a big dream list. And don't hide it away, don't forget about it, don't be embarrassed about it. Honestly I was bit frightened to publish my list on Instagram and now here, it makes my most precious dreams vulnerable to others. 
But dreaming big requires big leaps of faith.
So go do it..

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