Monday, February 4, 2013

Curiosity Only Inspired The Cat

I have been accused of having ADD when it comes to my creative pursuits. I was told that most recently about 6 months ago and it was implied that I easily lost focus. I can not begin to tell you how much I disagree with this idea.

Yes, I typically have 5+ projects in the works at all time. Yes, most of those projects are created with different media forms. It is not rare for me to have a project in crochet, hand embroidery, an art quilt, mixed media and a bed quilt on my mid-arm.

For a number of reasons that are not unique to me. A number of my projects are time intensive and meaningful to me. Therefore they are physically and emotionally draining. I need breaks from them to be able to come back and work fresh. I do complete my projects in my own time.

I am inspired by life. I'm inspired by popular culture, by other artists, by my crazy Tim Burtonesque dreams, and more. Not all of these ideas can be created with the same media form. By working with paints one day, I can come back to a different quilt and have a new insight.

It is my firm belief that ALL Creatives are inspired in countless ways. It is their curiosity for ALL things that fuel the creative process. It's not ADD, it's feeding your creative spirit. And when I refer to Creatives, I do not limit it to artists. I think of scientists, engineers, musicians, and more. Anyone that could look at life with a slightly different view in the hopes of creation, is a Creative in my book.

This morning as I dropped my daughter off at preschool, she noticed the frost on the metal fence and was instantly fascinated. We were late for class so that she and her sister could look at it, touch it, and ask questions.

Curiosity did not kill the cat.
It inspired her.

Take some time today to view your world like a child.
To be passionately, insatiably curious.
Who knows what will bloom.


Sarah_L_N said...

I thought this was fairly normal to be honest! I sew, knit and crochet. Currently I have one long-term sewing project that I intersperse with smaller ones and one long-term crochet project that I also intersperse with smaller ones when I need a break/get bored/someone has a birthday for me to make for etc. Currently no knitting! So I could have 4 things on the go at one time currently or 5 if I am also knitting something. I do tend to restrict myself to that amount so I don't get overwhelmed though, despite having a very long list of things I want to make!

CraftyGoodness said...

I have tons of projects going at all times, and lots more in my mind. I think it's healthy to move around and have different things to do. Besides, having lots of projects keeps you off of the street and out of drugs. :}


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