Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wax On, Wax Off

I can't help it! I have fallen in love with melted beeswax and plaster!! This past weekend I had an extraordinary amount of time in the studio and just played the days away.

First off is "The Gilded Memory". I know, I know.. put a bird on it.. But I can't help loving the imagery and the meaning behind bird cages. This started as an ordinary heart paper mache box. While I was playing with plaster earlier, I had a bit of excess and decided to shmear it all over the lid. It gave me awesome depth and such a fun background to work with. There is cream and pink paint along with a gold glittery wash. I spritzed some Glimmer Mist. There is an original postcard from 1910, lace and book pages in French. Lots of yummy, hot wax to finish it off.

Next up is a piece in my Dark Carnivale series. I'm actually still working on I - Double Trouble, and it will be a bit before that is completed since it a quite large fabric collage. This one is II - The Magic Eye.

This one started on a 12" square mounted canvas. I originally layered joint compound and strips of plaster. Then it was iced in a thick layer of white gesso. I had fun painting the background with acrylics, fluid watercolor, and oil pastels. I wasn't sure where I was going with it at first and then it seemed perfect. This image was one that I sketched a few months ago when I decided to create the series. After the first layer of paint, I collaged fabric on top for the eye, banner, and circle. I then came back with more paint and darkened it up. All topped with of course.. hot beeswax. I wish this picture did it some justice. The layers of plaster and paint give it an incredible depth and texture.

Next up for the Dark Carnivale? A lizardish man on a high wheel bicycle. I'm not sure which medium I'll use to create it yet..

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