Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Tutorial - Transfer Inkjet Image to Wood

I have been wanting to work with Tula Pink's Full Moon Owl that she created for Urban Threads. Since I've been working with pyrography and wax, I decided that I wanted to do something in mixed media rather than embroidery. This afternoon I purchased the pattern and printed it out. I had intended on transferring the image by graphite paper and stylus. Unfortunately, because this image is so detailed it was not going as smooth as imagined.

I refused to give up and began to search on the internet high and low for ways to transfer an inkjet image on wood. I found a couple that included glue, Mod Podge,etc but I would have to wait 24 hours. I don't have patience and I wanted it now. In the end I was able to complete the transfer with a wax paper method and here's how you do it!

Step 1.)
Tape a piece of wax paper to a sheet of ordinary copy paper. Be sure to print out your image on to the wax side - you will need to print out the mirror image. My inkjet printer is the worst piece of junk ever (see the awful ink lines?!) and I was able to do this, so I'm very confident that you will be able to as well.

Step 2.)
You will want to secure the printout on to your wood piece - image side down. Burnish the back with even pressure, making sure not to shift the paper. You will want to do this step fairly soon after printing the image out.

Step 3.)
This is how it came out. Now it's not a perfect, but it is exactly what I wanted and need. Now for me I will begin burning the outlines with my pyrography pen. However, if I wanted to I could leave it and cover it with varnish.

Such easy fun with unlimited possibilities!

1 comment:

Andy said...

A brilliant idea Jennifer, I've been searching the internet for something just like that, thanks... you are a star.
How did the owl pyrography turn out?


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