Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sea Port - Encaustic Art & How To Wall Mount Thin Wood

Sea Port is my latest mixed media piece of art. It began from a day of doodling compasses and transformed into an abstract dreamy vision of days at sea. This piece is another wood panel layered in plaster, paint, pastels, wax, shallow carved and more! All the layers really add to its dreamy nature. In the end it cried for a bit of bling, a bit of a frame.. so I soldered it with lead free silver solder and buffed it to a high polish. I hope it speaks to you! It makes me miss my California hometown terribly..

Then when I was finished I was perplexed as to the best way to wall mount this art. The wood I work with is typically 1/4" thick, too thin for sawtooth hanger nails. I decided to mount another small piece of wood at the top and drill through both. This art is now super secure and ready for the wall.

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