Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hooked on The Quilted Fish

This past year when I went to Quilt Market, I was knocked out by The Quilted Fish's booth. I bought a TON of patterns and basically just wanted to move in! I was more than a little thrilled when I found out that Amanda, the brainchild of The Quilted Fish, was in my creative guild. She is sooo sweet and hasn't placed a restraining order on me even though I probably have emailed her more than her own mom. I just adore her designs would *love* to learn from her. THEN I found out she also designed fabric for one of my most favorite companies, Riley Blake. And sure enough, when I checked out my fabric studio I had TONS from her line..

Last night she threw a party launching her new line, Delighted. And yes it is *delightful*! The colors are cheerful and bright. I have tons of ideas and can't wait to get my hands on it! Oh and the party? Shear delight...

Cozy little entrance into the party
Check out that garland! Love it - great idea for scraps..

Sweet packages of Delightful fabric for everyone!

The focus pieces in the room were shut the door fabulous!

Don't you just want to dive in and play?!

And the yummies were soo good!
Creamy soups, toasted cheese sandwiches, cupcakes, and cookies!!
Win fabric? Yes,please!

More fabric fun!
And a peek of what's to come..
Amanda rocks!
Loving that truck!
I may have to paper piece an auto design soon..
Don't mind me while I curl up and relax..
THE Quilted Fish!
Yummy candies.. It's possible I had a few scoops of Swedish fish..
I tried to convince Amanda that she didn't want to lug all that
fabric back home..
Super adorable centerpieces..
A photobooth with Quilted Fish photo props!

Make & takes galore...
More fabric inspiration..

There I am with some of my friends & fellow fabric hoarders..
P.S. My hair looked SO much cuter in person, oy...
A dollhouse dolled up with Delighted!

More photos of some amazing, creative people ..
We were also the last people to leave..
Sorry Amanda, it was too much fun!!

What can I say? Drooling over fabric, fun make & takes, candy, yummy food, and awesome friends that share the love..

Amanda, you & your line are truly..yes, delightful..


Anonymous said...

I love the candy bowls! I am going to have to try that!

Laurie said...

Oh this was fun and satisfying to read. The pictures are delightful. Love her fabrics!

Kara said...

It was so fun to meet you last night! I second everything you said about the evening. It really was delightful! :)

Kristin Witzenburg said...

It was so nice to meet you at the Delighted party! You took some GREAT pictures. ttyl :-)

Kristin Witzenburg said...

It was so nice to meet you last night. What a great party! You took some GREAT pictures :-)

jlk said...

So fun to meet you! I'm so glad you came (I was the one doing the pincushions). I linked to your blog on my blog today. Great write-up!!

Gill said...

What fun you all had - I wish I could have been there but I'm not even in the right country! I'm looking forward to seeing 'Delighted' in the UK!

Jackie said...

She is a dream! Thanks for the great pics!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer-it was so wonderful to meet you IRL! Thank you so much for coming and for the lovely post. It was....Delightful!

Candice @ Made With Love said...

Jennifer- It was so nice to meet you at the party (I was manning the necklace make and take table!). Your recap is spot on, and your photos are wonderful...thanks for sharing! :)

Cindy said...

It was nice to meet you in person and thanks sharing so many great pictures.

Cindy said...

It was nice to meet you in person. I enjoyed reading your blog.


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