Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Tradition - Silhouette Ornaments

I'm a Disney nut. I grew up in Southern California and spent many birthdays at Disneyland. I love the rides, the movies, the songs. However, it wasn't until I took my first daughter there when she was 9 months old, that I went into the silhouette shop on Main Street. I'm not sure whose idea it was, probably my sweet Mother, but we decided to have a silhouette created each year for my children.

We haven't missed a year and quickly amassed a small bundle of them. This year was my youngest's first trip and of course we had to start this tradition for her too.
My favorite? The silhouette of the girls together.
It is amazing to watch my little munchkins grow through these little images. This year we had enough to decorate their pink Christmas tree.
Was there ever a sweeter tree? I think not..

If you aren't the Disney nut that I am, you can still replicate this tradition. There are a number of artists on Etsy that would be more than happy to create a similar ornament for you.

Do you have an ornament collection or tradition?


MACY said...

aww love that tree! i am a disney nut! =) interstng blog..following you now..=)


Kristy QP said...

That is such a lovely tradition! My children get a special ornament each year in their stocking. My eldest is 4 so this year he got to pick his own :) he went for a firetruck!


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