Monday, December 12, 2011

The Patchwork Stocking

Prudent Baby hosted a stocking sewing contest this month. I had to enter - I can't blow off a sewing contest with a NEW, awesome serger as the grand prize. I had the toughest time being inspired though. I drew up a ton of designs and none of them really spoke to me. It's hard for me to dedicate time during the holidays to a project that I'm not crazy about. And then it hit me as I was playing with my fabric stash,,

Patchwork stockings are nothing new,but I really hope my take on it is a fun twist. I decided that it would be awesome to create stockings for my daughters that would also be memory keepers of the year. And this year, Isabelle became obsessed with knit, upcycled dresses. After winning one of Soren Lorensen Design's dresses. , she wore it until it was threadbare (and wears it still..). My only option was to make more and I lost count as to how many I made.

This stocking is created with pieces from a few of the dresses I made for her. The only exception is the giant monkey eating a cheeseburger. He was too small to make into a dress, but I kept him around just in case. Well Isa LOVES cheeseburgers (with NO pickles) and monkeys. It's perfect. I also raw edged appliqued an "i" on the foot of the stocking. She learned to identify her written name this year and loves to see her initials. Every detail of this stocking is with her in mind, down to using her favorite color green serger thread.

Not sure yet as to who won the contest, but I'm glad it inspired me to make this stocking. Isabelle was pretty excited to see it and insisted that she immediately hang it over the fireplace. And as a crafty mother, what better present is that?


jlk said...

It is so cute. I hope you win!

Jan Maree said...

What a ridiculously cute stocking ! love it!

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Just sew adorable!!! Good luck and hope you're the winner!!!


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