Saturday, January 21, 2012

Need More Inspiration??

Sorry for the quiet on my end - just a crazy week. I finally thought I had a breather, but upon looking at my calendar..I don't. I have Moda & Riley Blake patterns to do next week. Back to the sewing machine for me, but that means more fun & free patterns for you!

Luckily I already have projects in mind and I'm not stressed about the design. I never know when a dry run will strike. It weighs on me because it's crucial to always be thinking of the next project.

For this reason, I was thrilled when a friend of mine, Ebony Love, asked me to try a new inspirational quilt product for her. They are called Quiltspirations! It is an awesome card pack of the best prompts to help you try something new. I think they would make a perfect gift for a quilting friend - I would love to pair it with some fabric and a rotary blade.

In my last Project Quilting project, I used a few prompts to mix it up a bit.
*I tried the Pantone color of the year.. I used both 2011 (Honeysuckle) and 2012 (Tangerine)
I loved the warmness that the colors gave the quilt.
*And I nixed my neutral! After I submitted the quilt, I wasn't happy with the binding (always my Achilles' heal). I tossed the neutral binding and redid it with bright yellow...loving it..

Loved working these into my quilt! I can't wait to pick them up again soon. So many great ideas - I highly recommend you take a look at the site as there are lots of fun freebies too.

Thanks Ebony!!

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Anonymous said...

what are quiltspirations? Need to look into these.


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