Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Woman Is An Island

Have you seen the latest issue of Mary Jane's Farm? I hope you will take a moment to look for it and perhaps purchase it. In addition to the article about my art quilting, there are a number of amazing things to read up on.

No woman is an island though, and that article was a collaboration with two other amazing women! Kerrie More interviewed me and authored the article. She was also at The Creative Connection last year and I'm so sad I didn't get a chance to chat with her in person. As she interviewed me, we discovered we had a fair amount in common. She's also a librarian and lives in Montana (where Hubby & I honeymooned and dream of one day living). Kerrie is also pretty crafty herself! I hope that you will take a moment to visit her blog at I'm a subscriber and always look forward to reading her latest post. I hope this article is the beginning of something big for Kerrie!!

And those amazing photos in the magazine? Taken by one of my dear friends, Vivien Van Leeuwen. Viv is beyond fabulous! She has taken so many photos of the precious times in my life, including Julie's birth. It is truly a blessing to have a good friend that is also an extremely talented photographer. I'm so thrilled to see her work in a national magazine (and wished they had credited her..) If you're in the Salt Lake area, I truly can't recommend Viv highly enough as a photographer for your next milestone. You can see more of her work her at

Thank you so much Kerrie & Viv, I truly could not have done this without you..


kerriemore said...

Thank you for your kind words, Jennifer. It was so much fun collaborating with you! I will be sure to stay in touch!

Ella said...

Congrats to you and your friends!
Your cards are beautiful! I look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations~


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