Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting the Year Like a Zombie

Happy New Year! I have some serious high hopes for 2013. There were some highlights in 2012, but in general I was pretty happy to see an end to the year. In 2013 my parents will be moving to our state, we will welcome baby #3 and I have so many fun art adventures I'm ready to get started on. My word for this year is quite simply - JOY. Find it, embrace it, and above all give it. I hope this year has started on a fresh bright note for you too!

Back to starting the year like a Zombie. Well I mean like a Happy Zombie, of course! When I attended Spring Market last year, I picked up a fat quarter bundle of her Winterkist line. Ohh, the cuteness factor was off the charts! I loved the whimsical winter motif with bright colors and shiny, happy gnomes. I knew when I bought it that I wanted to create Christmas quilts for my girls. And well.. I've finished one so far..

This one is Kiddo's.. Green and blue are her favorite colors as she would be eager to tell you. I added the red colorway to add a more Christmas feel to it.

I created it with key blocks (which look way more involved than they truly are) and focus blocks of the gnomes with courthouse steps framing them.

Seriously, aren't those gnomes so adorable? They reminded Kiddo of Santa Claus and she loved to look at all their faces.

I used a white minky fabric on the back since Kiddo is on the sensory sensitive side and really loves to touch soft fabrics. 

I tried to create a swirling, swooshy wind quilt motif. I love how all the crevices get nice and crinkly after the wash.
It truly is her favorite quilt today, with the Halloween one taking a close second.

Baby's quilt took longer than I anticipated and is quite large! The pattern is from Material Obsession 2: More Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots . I love this book and was happy to finally create a quilt from it.

It still needs a pressing, quilting, and binding.. I went from planning it as a Christmas gift to now looking at Valentine's Day.. Oh well.. She is busy playing with her dolls from Santa anyways.

And last but not least, I bought Derwent Inktense Watersoluble Ink Pencils- Set of 24 Colors  with some Christmas money!

I need to finish a quilt for my guild and a quilt for a friend before I can break into these. I've read rave reviews about using them on fabric and can't wait to play. I'll post some pics once I have something to show.

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Carla said...

Both the quilts are fabulous! Will the new one get a quilty?
Looking forward to a peek of those toes....


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