Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Romantic Night Away - Armstrong Mansion

It has been several months since my parents have been able to visit us. My mother had major surgery on her foot and is just now able to get around with crutches. We took this opportunity to get away for the night, one last time before Baby Tommy makes his arrival in June.

I found a fabulous getaway on KSL Deals for The Armstrong Mansion. When I called to make the reservation I had not taken the time to visit their website. I only knew that we were in desperate need for a little time away and I was eager to get it booked. When I called my only request was to have a comfortable bed since I would be starting my 5th month of preggerhood and sleeping was difficult. They recommended the "December" room and it sounded great to me. I still wasn't sure what the room name referred to and still didn't take the time to check out their site.

Well, what an amazing and romantic surprise that was waiting for us! Each room in the Armstrong Mansion is connected to a month of the year and is appropriately themed. This is a peek at our truly beautiful December room..

The bedroom was massive with vaulted ceilings and a chandelier. As a true Christmas lover, I was delighted over the lit Christmas tree and decorations. The bed was soft and overflowed with pillows. It was more than I ever could have imagined. Romantic, cozy and ever so inviting. When we departed for our dinner, we were asked to call before we returned so that they would have time for the romantic service to the room. And what did that include?

When we returned there were soft bathrobes laid across the bed, chocolates waiting to be nibbled, sparkling cider on ice and a plethora of lit candles in our amazing jetted tub. Truly everything I could have hoped for and much more.

And of course my body would not allow me to sleep in. Oh the irony! While we waited for breakfast, we indulged in a hot bubble bath in the jetted tub fit for two. I don't think I've ever started a day so relaxed.. ever.

The dining room is charming with the several delicate tables set for couples. The breakfast was delicious! A quiche with a hashbrown crust and an apple crumble that was divine. That coupled with several servings of apple spice tea and I was not wanting to do anything but chat with my Hubby and enjoy the serenity.

I can not say enough good things about the Armstrong Mansion. It is the perfect getaway for couples local to Salt Lake and an amazing respite for those traveling from out of state. From what I could tell we had one of the most special rooms in the mansion. Though the June and February room also look incredibly romantic.

I can not wait to get back for a little romantic jaunt with my husband! They still have the deal on KSL for those that are interested. You won't be disappointed!

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Carla said...

Sounds like a beautiful time. My hubby and I try to get away for 1 weekend a year. You need that!


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