Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Toddler Thanksgiving Craft

I tried again to find a "job" to entertain my sweet toddler while I tried to get work done. I found a super cute Thanksgiving fingerpaint project on All Kids Network. Isabelle is crazy about painting and I rarely let her at home - just too much work with her busy hands and the baby. However I'm trying more and more to move out of my comfort zone so that she can learn and enjoy.

I cut the corn and stalks last night. My husband insisted that I cut some green leaves for the cob as well. Husbands are funny, aren't they? But I gave in..

On her own she painted the corn very similar to the original tutorial.
I didn't even instruct on what she should do. Love her orderly pieces of corn.
And then well.. that got boring I guess. We ended up with a crop of muddy corn! She had fun and I got no work done, but we had a great afternoon together while the baby napped.
And I have more cute Thanksgiving decorations. Granted they are muddy brown, but they are made with love!

1 comment:

themommablogger said...

Those are very cute little ears of corn. And it looks like she barely made a mess. and way to go stepping out of your comfort zone. That looks like a project I may let my little ones do this weekend. Thanks for the idea.


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