Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turkey Garland

The Baby still insists on 2 naps a day while I'm lucky if I can get Kiddo to be quiet for 1 nap. During the morning nap I try to work while Kiddo plays or reads. The reality is Kiddo wants to hang on my leg and have constant attention. It's hard to balance this. I want Kiddo to feel loved and have that special time with me, but there are some days that I'm so busy that I quite simply need to work. I thought if I had some dedicated crafts for her to do while I worked, that we might both be happier.

Early this morning I searched Pinterest for Thanksgiving inspired child crafts. I found this post on the blog, Chasing Fireflies. I loved it! I thought it would be a great activity for Kiddo and would be super cute as a decoration. I made a pot of coffee and chopped up Kiddo's doodled construction paper in festive colors. Now if you spend some more time punching holes in the "feathers" your Kiddo's life maybe a tad easier, but.. I'm lazy.
During Baby's nap I gave Kiddo the colorful stack of feathers, a skein of yarn I no longer loved, and a yarn needle. Kiddo is around my sewing tools 24/7, so I feel very comfortable with her using a blunt yarn needle. She's 3 1/2. Please use your own judgement with your kids... I showed her a few times how to punch through the paper using the needle and off she went.
Did I get more work done? Probably not. My leg is still the place to cling to no matter what craft is available. However, she did finish a beautiful strand of garland all on her own. It looks awesome and fun in our playroom. And I actually love that the feathers are from doodled paper.. looks more like us..
What was I working on? Well it's top secret, Peeps! But here is a tiny peek..
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Nicole [The Lovely Poppy] said...

cute, I'm going to have my kiddos try this.

Unknown said...

Cute idea! Always looking for fun toddler crafts for my little man! Would you share this here?


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