Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Japanese X Blocks For Charity

My guild, the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild, places a high priority on creating quilts for charity. I hope that when the gift receiver wraps up in one of our quilts, that they remember they are not alone. A quilt is such a beautiful expression of love and thought for another person.

For this first quarter, we were tasked with creating Japanese X blocks. Amy Gunson of Badskirt (don't you just love that name?!) created an excellent tutorial on her blog which is free for you to go try.. so go try and give her a big thanks =)

Here is my first finished block and glimpses of my unfinished ones. Every bit you see came from my scrap stash - what a fun way to bust through it!!

Have a favorite? I think I do and then I change my mind..

Have you made these before? Please share if you have, would love to see!

1 comment:

Carla said...

I love these blocks and have yet to start. Hopefully this summer : )


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