Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kiddo's Quilt

I love reading posts and going to lectures on how to be inspired. The one key point I hear a lot, is that you must be in the moment and truly see what surrounds you. It's easy to go in to auto pilot most days and miss the beauty in our lives. I'm guilty of auto pilot most days..heck, I'm happy if my teeth are brushed and I am ready for the day before noon; that's life with two wee ones. However, these two angels also inspire a lot of my work.

In the past couple months, Kiddo has developed a very distinctive way of painting. She will paint the entire space with blocks of different colors, she often calls them her "quilts". She is very methodical in where the painting starts and what colors are to be used. I wonder if in her mind that is how she sees my quilts - blocks of color, artfully arranged. I have to tell you, I can not wait till she is just a bit older and can sew her first quilt. I have a feeling she will far surpass my talent and I'm very excited about watching that unfold.

For now I think I will imitate life that may have been imitating art. I have seen a number of postage stamp quilts popping up in the blogsphere. Michele created a beautiful one on Quilting Gallery and I have seen a few more in my Google Reader. I think it's a great way to use up my scrap stash that is on the brink of being uncontrollable. This week I'm cutting out little squares and will try to make a quilt for the girls that resembles one of Kiddo's paintings.

Have you made a postage stamp quilt? Any tips or want to share a photo?

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