Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014!

I hope everyone had a yummy Halloween! We celebrated the whole month of October. I honestly don't remember another year when we had quite so much going on. There were parties at Liberty Girls, co-ops, Girl Scouts, pre-school and trunk-or-treats. We had field trips to the pumpkin patch, to the farm and CornBelly's. We had multiple sessions of cookie decorating, decoration making and "Boo"ing the neighbors. I am a die-hard Halloween fan, but honestly by the time the date actually rolled around, I was pretty tired.

We celebrated with chili and cornbread (a family tradition!) and my Mum heard about this yummy candy corn colored drink. I know she heard the recipe on a local news show, but I can not find the blogger. This one over at DessertNowDinnerLater is very close to how she created it. The kids went bananas!

And no one wanted to pose for cute pictures. Seriously! That's what this holiday is about - lots of pictures! Neither of my girls ended up dressing like Elsa or Anna. My Kiddo was a sweet Cinderella, Wild Child was Ariel and Little Man was Jack Skellington. I didn't sew any of their costumes. I accept no guilt! Maybe next year I will make them, but this year we let Costco take care of it and had fun spending time together.

But I did sew one costume... I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton and when I saw Little Man's skelly costume, I knew I had to be Sally. 
I'm a bit tired of all the shenanigans in this picture! I will post more in depth pictures of how I created my costume later this week.

Here is the motley crew after trick-or-treating. Oi! This has been a crazy sugar crashing week.. Time to raid the loot and munch on some chocolate!

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