Monday, November 10, 2014

Turkey Treats

I pinned this treat tutorial from Candiquick almost a year ago. It has been repinned thousands of times! I figured with all this excitement over the super cute treat, I should finally try to make my own.

This last week while I was on a rare grocery trip all by myself, you know - a mother's vacation, I found these s'mores flavored candy corns. How perfect are the colors? So autumnal and just crying to be turkey feathers.

What Did I Use:
Chocolate candy wafers
Pretzel rods
Wilton toffee crunchies
S'mores flavored candy corn
White fondant writer
Blue and red candy pens

I pulled out what remaining Oreo's I had in the cupboard and grabbed some dark chocolate candy wafers. Now, candy wafers are NOT chocolate. They look like it and taste pretty good, but no, not chocolate. If you really want to dip anything in chocolate, it must be tempered and that's a bit trickier. 

When I melt candy wafers, I do it on the stove on the lowest setting. Being patient in this game will pay off dividends! If you try to speed up the process by using medium or heaven forbid, high heat - you run the risk of burning or seizing the candy. This will make it completely icky. Be patient, take it slow - gently swirl the candy wafers around until they are completely melted. It should flow nice and be easy to dunk the cookies in.

Place your pot of melted candy wafers on a hot pad and near your working station. Dunk the cookies in one at a time. When it is completely covered, use a fork or candy dipping tool to rescue your cookie. Swirl it around above the bowl and let the extra candy slide off.

Place your assembly line of candy covered Oreo's on some wax paper to dry. If they are not smooth as glass, that's completely fine - you will have so much layered on top that it won't matter.

It will take awhile for the candy chocolate to dry. Pull out your bag of candy corn and place them on the Oreos to be the feathers. This part is so easy your kids can do it.. in fact, mine did!

Once the "feathers" are on, set them aside and let them completely harden. 

For the next step you will need the long, pretzel rods and some small sprinkles for the bottom of the turkey. I had some fun Wilton Toffee Crunchies on hand, but you could use sprinkles for a cute colorful look.

You will also need a few more candy corns. Just chop off the beautiful orange-yellow bits to become the turkey's beak.

Heat some more candy wafers up just like before - nice and slow! Dip a pretezel about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way. Swirl over the bowl and gently place on top of the Oreo.

Give the candy chocolate just a second to set up, but not harden completely. Then carefully center the candy corn beak on top.

Sprinkle some toffee crunchies or sprinkles on the bottom of the pretzel.
To finish the turkey face, I used a fondant writer and candy pens. You can find these in the baking area of most craft stores. You can also use melted candy wafers or royal icing.

Two medium squirts of white for the eyes, two small squirts of blue for the pupil and a little dash of red for the gobbler.
Let it set and completely harden. My husband didn't think the pretzel could hold the weight of the Oreo and candy, but we had no issues later that night or the next day. These would be so fun to have at the kid's table on Thanksgiving, for a class party or just that special turkey in your life!

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