Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nightmare Before Christmas - Sally Costume

I have loved everything that Tim Burton has created. This year I decided I would finally be Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas". My husband was not into dressing up this year -- I can only convince him to wear a costume about every other year. My poor son was young enough that I could choose his costume and so he was Jack.

Now given that this costume was only going to be used for a handful of parties and probably never again, I did not want to spend a lot of money on it. I used the cheapest white broadcloth that I had yardage of in the closet (a horrible fabric purchase years ago that has been quite helpful!). I cut a general rag doll shape and sewed it up. It originally had sleeves, but those became too cumbersome and so I snipped them right off. Sewing is not scary, it's not surgery. It's fabric and thread and meant to be fun. If you have never sewn clothing before, I think this is the best time to do it. 

And then I dyed my hair fire engine red... I actually loved it so much that it is still this red today..

And then I painted and painted and painted. I scoured images of Sally off the internet and tried to emulate her dress. I used cheap, old craft paint. I did not mix in any fabric medium - this made the dress quite stiff and cartoon-like.. which was my goal.

Once the dress was completed, I returned to scouring the internet for makeup ideas.. My baby would have nothing to do with me the first time around. He cried, hollered and ran away from me. Maybe it was the eyes??

After the first party, I learned a few things and tried it a bit different.

I bought a couple pairs of light blue pantyhose to accessorize the outfit. I used one pair as pantyhose and added some Sharpie stitches. For the other pair, I cut out the panty area and wore it as a top under my dress. It gave me quick, blue Sally arms and kept help keep me warm.

Such a fun costume to wear! And now that we are in the first week of November, it's time to start planning next year's fun.. thinking Lucy & Ricky Ricardo!

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