Thursday, February 3, 2011

Make Play, Not Tantrums

I have a croupy baby (2nd time in 5 weeks)
and a sick toddler,
so this is gonna be a lickety split post!

we were challenged with a retro or vintage outfit.
Since I had just done the 20's, I thought it be fun to go groovy!

I made Isa a bell sleeved tunic in a pychodelic print
and bell bottom jeans.
ALL without a pattern again!
Definetly changes I'd like to make after I had her fitted in it,
but all in all I'm pretty tickled with my
"Make Play, Not Tantrums" 60's outfit!


Anonymous said...

What a ham! She's so stinkin cute! I really like the colored picture two up from the bottom! Hehe!

You did so well on the outfit...especially without a pattern! Impressive!!

Caroline said...

Super cute... great fabric and post title!

Emily said...

Cute! What a pretty girl too!

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Thanks everyone!
Isa truly does make the outfit.
I don't know how I ended up with such a ham, but her self confidence is so beautiful!

Thank you again for the sweet words =D

Kathy said...

I was so impressed I showed this to Chuck and he couldn't believe how talented you are and how cute your big girl is. =D

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Aw thanks Kathy =D
I have soo much to learn about garment making, but it's been fun.
What can I say about Isa.. such a sweet ham!


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