Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Warning - Sweet Factor Reaching Maximum!

OK.. I had no foresight into the possible Project Run & Play themes
otherwise I would not have made
Isabelle's first Valentine dress a couple themes ago.

What to do??
Well several friends suggested making a dress for their little girl.
And I'd be happy to, but usually there are tons of little revisions
that require fittings.
((Even my bestest bestie suggested I make a dress for
her little boy..he's just that darn!))

And I'm addicted.
I couldn't miss a week.
I am learning so much by forcing myself out of my comfort zone
and creating these items without a pattern.

This week is my favorite outfit!
Her sweet black velvet tank and silky bubble skirt
is all Valentine in my book.
She looks ready for a special dance with her Prince Daddy.


Karen @ Desert Chica Ramblings said...


Jenny Rodriguez said...

Aw thanks!
((I can ship it to you for E to

Anonymous said...

What a dainty, pretty girl! And what a cute Valentine dress!! :) My baby would love petting the soft velvet! The poof skirt is so neat! I can't believe you are doing all of this without a pattern! You are very talented!!

Jenny Rodriguez said...

The bubble skirt is beyond easy!
Basically you just sew a lining in, cut the lining a couple inches shorter, sew the top and lining together..POOF, bubble skirt!

Kathy said...

So pretty! Both Isa and the outfit. =D


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