Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Hit 7 And Still In Heaven!

Yesterday my sweet husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. It is amazing how fast the years have gone by. I can still remember the excitement of getting dressed in that fabulous gown, of our first kiss as husband & wife, and the many hours spent dancing that night.

Though our love story took many crazy paths before we married, we took that next step knowing we wanted to be with each other for the rest of our days. In the past seven years we've had two amazing daughters, a number of wild adventures, and more inside jokes than we can count.

It is an amazing thing to be married to your best friend. He knows every flaw ingrained in my being and is able to love me more each day. I thought I couldn't love him more seven years ago, and then I watched him become the most amazing father.. and my love only deepened.

I can't wait for another 70 years of marriage with this silly, sweet man. Another 70 years of laughter and fun..


Jan Maree said...

Awwww how lovely - congratulations to the two of you!

jlk said...

Congrats! Your dress is fabulous.

JustPam said...

Happy Anniversary. My DH and I just hit our 7th anniversary recently too.


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