Friday, June 29, 2012

Puppy Heavens Are Full Of Cupcakes

A few of my most loved friends recently lost their furry babies. Around that same time, Bigfork Bay Cotton Company released "Party Pooper" - an adorable puppy pattern. It was serendipitous and I decided to buy it to make for my dear friends.

The first one is for my Bestie. I altered it just a bit and add lots of fun hand embroidery. I completed it as a mug rug- perfect size for a drink & cupcake. I hope when she uses it, she remembers the amazing life she gave her puppy.

Next week I'll be making the next one for another dear friend that lost her puppy a few weeks later. Maybe I'll make that one into a book cover.. we'll see.

So sad to lose so many furry friends this summer, but I'm sure in puppy heaven there are huge, yummy cupcakes for devouring.


Sylvia said...

This is so cool!!! My friend Traci designed the original so I am so excited to see what you did with it!

Bigfork Bay Cotton Company said...

Its Me Traci! You did a fantastic job! I so love it! oxoxoxoxo


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