Friday, June 29, 2012

Vintage Fruit Embroidery

I hope you are enjoying the embroidery kick I'm on right now; I found this pattern from Doe-C-Doe's blog.
I used Valdani's Muddy Monet perle cotton thread and really love the subtle variegation.

With all the embroidery I've been working on, I'm trying to find new ways to use it...there are only so many tea towels and throw pillows I desire. So this sweetness was sewn into a reusable snack pack for a friend. I searched high and low for some sweet fabric that would not compete with the embroidery.

What's next on the embroidery line up? Retro, Baby from Urban Threads. I took the words off though, they didn't quite work for me. And what's it going on? Yeah..I don't know yet =)

I'm loving embroidery and using it as accent on applique that I may even add some items to my Etsy shop. My poor shop is crying for some new fun things!

1 comment:

Bits of Stitching! said...

This is lovely... the pattern, your stitching and color choices


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