Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

I hope all of you are enjoying these summer weekends. Our days are usually quite full, but I really love the lazy moments that pop up. I work just about every Saturday at the library, but I try to spend the rest of time enjoying my family and making gifts for those I love. These past months have been so heavy with work that I haven't had time to make much for the girls. I was very excited that today I was able to create so much with and for them.

Kiddo and I made a bird feeder while Baby napped. It's a fun kit from Joann's for about $5, and it gives you just about everything you need to make 2 feeders. All you have to add is some recycled 2 liter bottles and about 30 minutes of fun!

And then we made another quick and fun craft, a no-sew "Brave" fleece blanket. I normally would not consider buying this, I *LOVE* to sew. However when we saw it at the store, Kiddo just about wet her pants in excitement.

This smile just about says it all..
Of all the quilts and blankets I've made her in the past 4 years, this one seems to have made the biggest impression. Oh, well.. I'm happy to see her that happy. And I heard from a friend that Merida, the "Brave" princess, is now at Disneyland for meet & greets - Kiddo is just a wee excited about that as well..

And lastly I've finally finished this chenille baby blanket. I started it when Kiddo was a baby - seriously! It was such a fun class that I took with my mom, but just never had the time to complete. Faux chenille is popping up all over the blog world and it renewed my interest to get this done. Since Kiddo was just gifted the Disney blanket, I decided that this would be regifted to Julie.

It is super duper soft! They love stroking all the layers of chenille and played with it for a good portion of the afternoon.

If you are interested in learning how to make one, there are excellent tutorials at Dana Made It  and Aesthetic Nest. The only difference with mine is the binding. My instructor recommending using a flannel strip with the raw edges showing - it only adds to that nice fluffy texture of the blanket.
Love, love, love it and can't believe it's take me so long to finish it. I will be making more of these for sure - great way to use up my stash of flannel!

One last parting picture..
Today they were all about the boy cut shorts sans shirts.. And back at the pool of course!

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