Thursday, May 26, 2011

Design Center

When I saw that UCreate's "Create With Me" project this month was a framed chicken wire jewelry center, I had a couple ideas. I knew I didn't want to do a jewelry organizer because I have a really nice armoire for that. I finally decided on a framed design center.
I took a large Ikea frame and removed the glass. Then hot glued some panels of cork on to the frame back. Instead of painting the frame, I spray painted the chicken wire a robin egg blue. And then put it all together!

It was cute and functional, but missing a little pizazz.. So I whipped up some fabric rosettes and gathered fabric for an added accent.
It works great! I can either pin fabric and paper ideas to the cork or clasp them on to the chicken wire with metal clips.

This baby is going right over my sewing table to inspire me for future projects!

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