Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Sewing Pattern Reviews - Ruffled Bubble Romper

This week I'm reviewing the Tie Dye Diva's Ruffled Bubble Romper for infants. That link is going to take you to her romper section on Etsy. This pattern may not be there yet. It is brand spanking new and I was lucky enough to test drive it before the public. Her pattern for the older kiddos has been available, but the one for babies is new. If you want the latest news, discounts, etc. I highly recommend "liking" her Facebook business page.

OK on to yummy pictures and the review!

Description of pattern:

"Sew her this vintage inspired ruffled bubble romper and you'll feel like you're back in your lemonade stand days! Halter neck ties, three rows of ruffles on the back."

Level of Difficulty:

I didn't see a standard given in the description. I personally think this is just fabulous a beginner project. The most difficult thing you will do is gather a long fabric ruffle, and just requires patience not sewing experience.

For the advanced seamstress, this pattern will be a great source of inspiration. You could easily add some appliques or play with the number of fabrics used. If you have a serger and/or ruffler foot, this could be completed in an hour.

Fabric Recommendations:

I used high quality cottons in my piece. I'm pretty sure all the samples I've seen made used cottons as well.If you are adventurous, you could play with some other mid-light weight fabrics. It would be adorable with some denim accents or maybe even some linen.

Overall Design:

I love, love this vintage look. I absolutely love dressing my girls like.. little girls and not like they are about to turn 18. This pattern is sassy, but wholesome and fun! It is a great style for the summer heat. If you wanted more coverage, you could use this more as a coverall rather than a romper.

The pattern is pretty simple, but gives you a very tailored finish. A beginner will finish this pattern in a day and an advanced seamstress could complete this in a morning.


Very clear, no obvious errors, and lots of pictures with instruction.

Pattern Pieces:

This is done as a PDF. You will be able to print it out and put together without complication. There are not a lot of pieces to this.

Modifications & Tips:

You don't have to have a serger or ruffler foot, but if you own them I recommend using them to make this quick. Otherwise, be sure to use a thread color that matches your ruffle fabric.

I didn't make the style with a snap crotch. I almost always undress Julie completely when I change her diaper so I didn't see that as necessary.

As I mentioned before, there are lots of ways you could personalize this. You could easily put some embroidery or applique on the bodice. And I would love to see it with various colored ruffles on the bum.


Well if it wasn't clear, I love this pattern. I honestly don't make a ton of baby clothes because I find the patterns are not well suited to an infant. This pattern is perfect. It is tailored, comfortable, and not overly fussy.

I'm planning on buying the pattern in the older girl size and make my girls a couple of coordinating sets for this summer. I think it's definitely a pattern to have in your stash.

**Tie Dye Diva did not compensate me in any way for this review. I was given the pattern to test sew before she was aware that I was going to be reviewing it as well. Definitely add her Facebook page for future discounts and pattern news.
Is there a pattern you've been thinking about buying, but not sure if it is worth your money & time? Let me know and I'll try it out for you!

Next week I'll be reviewing the Lovely Ribbon Dress by DMKeasywear...

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Dharla's Hideout said...

Great review! I LOVE this pattern. I've been making the toddler sized ones and cannot WAIT to make the infant one. I actually bought lightweight denim to try with this pattern on Thursday! =)

Rachel said...

Very cute! I'm bookmarking the pattern for my two new nieces.

Naturally Carol said...

She looks adorable in her frilly romper suit. I made my boys these without the frills; in the eighties! They were cute in them too.

Misty said...

Super cute romper! And model! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Love the romper - very, very cute. Is that by chance a Liberty fabric?

Just a side note. Love the colors of your blog background. However, I DO find it slightly hard-to-read. Now, I have slightly more mature eyes, so it's probably not as noticeable to you or others your age.
I took an HTML (i.e., web-designing) class years ago, and color, and contrast were things that the instructor addressed. His point is MUCH more understandable now that I don't see as well I used to.

Dharla's Hideout said...

Here's a pic of the denim romper that I made, No one has sent me pics of the babies wearing it yet, but I'm sure after 4th of July I'll et some! =)

Err, not sure how to post a pic...but here's a link!!/photo.php?fbid=10150201479063421&set=a.10150201479048421.327574.78777408420&type=1&theater&pid=6962270&id=78777408420


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