Saturday, May 7, 2011

Training, Trailers, and Toddlers

It has been a crazy, fun week! On Thursday while the girls were driving me bonky and refusing naps, my hubby bought his dream toy -a camping trailer! He's been lusting after one for awhile now. We love to go tent camping, but now with another baby it's just too much work. I'm so looking forward to being able to camp this summer in a little comfort. Here is our 28' monster!
When I'm inside I'm flooded with all the future memories we'll share as a family. Isabelle wants to spend every waking moment in there. She loves to show me all the beds, the kitchen, and closets. I can not wait to fix up the interior! I want to make a ton of quilts, do some reupholstery and I'm researching how I can the change the walls - anyone out there ever painted or wallpapered their trailer??

And I finally began training for Little Red Riding Hood. Granted I'm doing the shortest distance, 20 miles, but that is a lot more miles than I'm used to riding! I had wanted to to do the Goldilocks ride today with some friends as well, but as it turned out my training ride was partially on their trail, so in the end I was a rogue Goldilocks as well!

Lastly we spent the afternoon together on a family date to one of Isabelle's friend's birthday parties. If you live in SLC and want to entertain your kiddo for a couple hours on rides, take them to Jungle Jim's! Isabelle and I have gone before a few times and she always has such a good time.

You have to tune it tomorrow if you want to see the cutest toddler dress to date! I'm telling you folks, this pattern would be phenomenal for a spring flower girl dress!!

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Kathy said...

OMG! It's practically a house! =D So jealous.


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