Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sewing Pattern Review - Pockets to Go

I apologize for the lack of a complete sewing pattern review this Sunday. My mother made me one of these "Pockets to Go" by Atkinson Designs for Mother's Day (chock full of sewing goodies including this pattern) She had suggested I make one for a pattern review...

Well... I've been working on it all week when the girls would give me a minute. And well it has been a longer project that I had anticipated. I remember planning on doing it in an evening and my Mum was shocked & informed it would take longer. Longer, indeed!

I will bring you the full pattern review next Sunday.. Let's just say it is an adorable basket, but this pattern would be best suited for a class project rather than going solo at home.

An adorable baby bonnet review is on the horizon as well! Have a pattern suggestion? Please let me know!

(picture via the Atkinson Design website)

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