Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pattern Tester??

Was totally inspired by Quilt Market and Artisania's Paper Piecing
I've been working like crazy making my own paper pieced designs,
and I'm taking the plunge...

I'm going to start selling a couple on my Etsy shop
and of course I'll offer freebies here.

I need some pattern testers..

Anyone out there interested in helping me??
You will get the pattern and give me the feedback!

Let me know!


An Ivory Beauty said...

I would love to help. I haven't done anything in this style but its adorable.


Kathleen said...

Love to be a pattern tester for you!

The Violent Vixen said...

I'd love to do it. I really enjoy sewing.
BTW, I just found your blog via twitter, loving everything I've seen so far.


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