Saturday, April 30, 2011

Barnyard Party!

What an amazing morning Isabelle and I had! Her friend, Gracie, had a birthday party at Wheeler Farm. And even in the snow and mud (yup people, a day before May..we have snow) it was the most amazing barnyard themed party!

Gracie's mom went far and above when it came to decorating, activities, and favors. I'm going to have to step up my game! Check it out..
And this is what you see at every 3 year old's birthday party..... a blur of motion.
And what is the only thing better than running around like a monkey with your friends? Your own bag of duck food of course!

(I got bit by a duck! Seriously I'm so Charlie Brown it is ridiculous sometimes...)
And what is the only thing better than feeding ducks at a pond?
Riding a pony of course!
What is the only thing better than riding a pony?
Riding another pony of course, you silly!
And what is the only thing that could top off 2 pony rides?
A tractor ride with your pals..
And every good tractor ride deserves to be followed by an indoor picnic with your own box lunch!
What's for dessert? The most adorable barn cake & animal cupcakes!

After cupcakes, it is only fitting to be sent home with a farmer hat and bucket completely full of handcrafted barn games, suckers, book and more..

Last but not least.. what could top such a bounty of gifts?
To be muddy, happy, and tired..


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