Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday - Personal Projects

Wow - I only have 1 personal project to show you today. I guess I really didn't have too much time this week for *me*. I am finishing up a dress for myself from a sew-a-long. I had hoped to finish it for Julie's baptism, but time ran away with me. Now my hope is to finish if for Mother's Day; my mother & I like to have professional photos taken each year. I will be making the girls dresses too. Hopefully I can post the pictures of those dresses next week.

In the meantime, here is my latest peek-a-boo lamp design. Truly inspired by Isabelle. If you raised/raising a toddler, then you completely understand. It truly has just been one of those weeks.

I can't share the file for the frame (it's from Silhouette), but if anyone would like the text file - just let me know! It was a bit fiddly since the words are so small. I actually had to get out my super duper lamp/magnifier to repair some of the letters. But I wanted this sooo bad, it was worth the time.
We are shopping right now for a camping trailer. We are sooo excited. I imagine we'll be gone most of the summer weekends if we have it our way. And well, a new "home" means new quilting projects! I'll have to make some blankets, pillows, curtains,and I'm sure some new embroidered art for the walls..

Do you know about the Quilting Gallery? I recently joined and it is the best site! I love swaps and recently signed up for the fabric basket one. Right before the Easter holiday I received mine from Sharon. All I can is wow!! I love the basket. She absolutely got what fabric makes my heart go pitter patter!! Check out this basket..

And if it weren't enough that I received the cutest bag on the block, it was chock full of fat quarter yumminess. Some serious fabric people..

Look here..

and here...
and here..
What an amazing swap giver!! I can not say enough about how much I love this and what it meant to me to receive. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

And here are some parting pics of Thing 1 & Thing 2..

Be sure to come back tomorrow for my sewing pattern review of the cutest baby romper ever! Lots of pics of Julie's yummy chunky thighs and adorable smile..

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