Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Sewing Pattern Reviews - iSew's Coupon Organizer

This week I'm reviewing iSew's Coupon Organizer pattern. My best friend is a coupon queen, and I know with the extreme coupon TV show lots more people are getting in to deals. I used the binder method before I had kids, but now the idea of lugging that beast around in addition to my kiddlets makes me break out in hives. I thought this would be lovely to have instead.

There are some aspects I really love, but I'm not thrilled with my first one. It's possible I was not as precise as needed and I'm going to give it one more shot.

Here is my end result...

Description of pattern: "I searched around for a completely handmade coupon organizer on Etsy and didn't find one, so I made my own. Now you can make your own too."

Level of Difficulty: iSew labels it for intermediate and I heartily agree. Measurements need to be very precise, there is both machine and hand binding, and optional quilting of the main body. I do think that advanced beginner quilters would be able to do this pattern without too much

Fabric Recommendations: I used 3 high quality cotton fabrics and was very pleased. You may wish to experiment with some of the heavy weight home decorating fabrics as well.

Overall Design: I love the quilting and multiple use of fabrics. I love that it is compact and easier to use with kids in tow. I'm not thrilled with how much gap there is at the bottom of the dividers. Again, this could be because I was not as precise as needed. I'm going to make a second one to try it one more time. With these more advanced patterns it is a good idea to make a muslin, but I jumped in without looking.

Instructions: Very clear, lots of photos, and I didn't find any grammatical or detail errors.

Pattern Pieces: This is a PDF (my personal preference) so you'll be printing them out. Self explanatory and shouldn't cause you any trouble.

Modifications & Tips: Don't make this one in the wee hours of the morning when you're tired and trying to get it done before the kiddos wake up ;o) I think that's where I had some trouble. Close enough stitching is not going to work with this one.

iSew also recommends finishing the binding by machine, but I disagree. Hand stitching this small of an item won't take you much time and will give you a much cleaner appearance. After all that hard work, don't let it look sloppy by rushing the end.

Conclusion: This was one of the only coupon organizer patterns out there. It is very tailored and allows for a fair amount of personal creativity with the quilting and multiple fabrics. I would recommend it for someone that is very confident in their sewing abilities or is looking for a challenge.

**iSew did not compensate me for this review in any form. Unfortunately I don't have a discount to give readers this week for their shop. I do recommend checking it out though!

Do you have a pattern you would like me to review? Are you a pattern writer? Please comment on any pattern suggestions - always looking for more!

Next week I will be reviewing an adorable baby ruffled romper - perfect for summer..

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iSew said...

Just came across this and wanted to say I love the fabrics you chose and really appreciate your review. I'm glad to hear that you agree with my guess at a level of difficulty too, it's so hard to know what other people will find difficult! Thanks so much! Ginny


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