Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Toddler's A Genius - Just Sayin'..

I'm going to have a TON of crafty posts tomorrow,
so please allow me to brag about Isa for just a moment.
This kiddo is smart.
Scary smart.

You see that crown on her head?
She did that.
All on her own.

I've been having her work with scissors and glue
these past weeks.
Working with her on her fine motor skills
is pretty important on my list given her symbrachydactyly.

But..I tend to start working on my own crafts when
we are in the studio.
It backfired on me last week - she cut a hole in a brand new pair of pants.
I didn't get too upset.. I did this A LOT as a kiddo..
you know what they say about the apple falling from the tree.

Yesterday while she was crafting, my husband came in
and asked if I had been watching what she made.
Sheepishly I admitted that I had been more focused on my sewing.

Well she had been busy cutting a perfect crown shape, coloring it in,
and then gluing it together to place on her head.

She just turned 3!
She may suck her thumb, but she's a genius


Kathleen said...

Where's the "Like" button?
She looks so casually confident about it too..."Yeah, I made it. I'm good."

Kathy said...

Ditto to what Kathleen said. She's only awesome! ;)


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