Monday, April 11, 2011

Sewing Pattern Reviews - #1 - The Lucy

I'm very excited to start a new feature for the blog. I will be buying, making, and then reviewing sewing patterns. And you are very,very welcome to submit requests! It can be anything from baby outfits to quilts to purses.. I would prefer the patterns to be from Etsy sellers or the like, but if you are just dying to know about a McCall's pattern..please feel free.

I am going to be writing my reviews similar to the ones I've seen on SewMamaSew.
If you feel like I'm missing something though, please speak up.

I'm very excited to begin this journey with OwlyBaby's pattern, "The Lucy"
I originally bought this pattern last November with the hopes of making the girls a pair of matching Christmas dresses. Well life was too chaotic and that task got shelved.
Isabelle's school pictures are this week and I wanted of course to make her a special dress. I remembered this fabulous pattern and bought some yummy fabric from The Pine Needle. Here is the end result...

This could be quite easily my most favorite dress for her.. ever! I love it, love it, love it... With the modern graphic print and solids - it is both classic and trendy. Here are the details..

This is a PDF Sewing Pattern for an above-the-knee length reversible wrap dress. This dress looks elegant with a sash and bow in the back or use your favorite buttons to cinch this adorable wrap dress. With instructions for a fully reversible wrap dress, or tied wrap dress with a sash - this outfit will come together for any occasion. Looks great with stripes and plaids and adorable with knee socks!

Level of Difficulty:
OwlyBaby describes it as great for a beginner to intermediate. I agree. I think it really depends on the fabric graphic you use. For my dress I wanted all the apples to go a certain way, so it required more time planning out the pattern pieces on the fabric. And you set in sleeves; if you take your time and pin generously, you will be fine.

Fabric recommendations:
OwlyBaby made an insanely cute version in silk, I choose a high quality cotton.

Overall design:
This is a great dress for active toddlers. The dress is loosely constructed and allows for lots of movement. The formality of dress can really go in either direction depending upon the type of fabric used in construction. I love it as a dress for Isabelle to go to school in, but I'm still planning on making the girls a formal set this next Christmas.

The pattern has 3 variations including a reversible option.

Very clear with lots of photos. There were minimal written errors and it is very easy to follow.

Pattern Pieces:
Since this pattern is a PDF, you will be printing out all the pieces. OwlyBaby includes a very detailed map of how to lay out the pieces, cut, and adhere. Use that map!

Modifications and Tips:
My final dress is a slightly modified version of the original. I didn't want to have the fabric ties - Isabelle would spend all day messing with them, so I sewed on a faux band in the solid red.
If you make this and want tips on how to sew the faux band, email me.

As I mentioned before, if you are using a very graphic print like I did - be aware of how you are laying out the pattern on the fabric.
Also if you have a serger, I'd recommend using it when attaching the skirt to the bodice. There is a lot of gathered material and it works great to serge those seams.

This is a fabulous pattern. Owlybaby includes more sizes and variations then you see with most patterns. The dress has great classic details, but it is quite accessible for a beginning sewer to recreate. You are likely to want to make more than just one. I was personally able to create this start to finish in about 3 hours.

I am scouring around looking for the next great pattern to review. Have a suggestion - let me know!


Rachel said...

I love pattern reviews! This is helpful because on Etsy the seller feedback rarely indicates how the pattern was to follow.

Your dress is so cute! I love the apple fabric.

I love the stuff by Patterns by Figgy & DMK. From my standpoint you couldn't go wrong picking one of those. I've never sewn from thier patterns but would love to.

Lisa said...

Very cute dress, Jennifer! I love it!

Last Minute Mel said...

Wow...this is adorable...I am not much of a sewer, but I would consider trying in order to make this dress....(did i just write sewer or sew-er??????!!!) Love it!

MrsPurvis said...

I love this idea of reviewing patterns. Keep it up! I just need to figure out my sewing machine! *Beginner*


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