Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Iron Craft #14 - Postcards

we were challenged to make a postcard.
(We could enter it into a swap as well!)

I decided to do a quilted postcard,
big surprise, eh?
Did you know you could mail a fabric postcard?
You most certainly can.
Though I wouldn't want it to get ruined and
I would mail it in a nice cushy envelope.

For my theme, I choose Utah - where I currently reside.
I can't say it's my "home".
I guess in my mind I'll always be a Southern California girl..

What do you think of when you think of Utah?
Probably not what I think of.
Your perspective changes once settle in a place.

When I think of Utah, I think of BIG landscapes.
The Salt Lake is BIG.
The mountains are BIG.
The valleys are BIG.
During the spring, we will have miles of green valleys
below snow capped mountains.
And that's what I quilted..

Hope my swap partner likes it!

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