Thursday, April 7, 2011

Talk To Me..

So apparently since *forever*
lots of people had trouble reading my blog.
I guess Mac & PC saw it very differently.

And nobody told me..
(bangs head on table)

I hope the new format appeals to ya'll..
If there is ever anything like that again,

I have kiddos,
I have thick skin..
I can take constructive criticism.
For example, Isa informed yesterday that my jeans were too tight.

Ya'll don't have to be that honest..
But please feel free to speak openly!



Lisa said...

Guilty! I always found it a little hard to read, but assumed it was just me!

Kathleen said...

I'm guilty, too, but I just loved the graphic.... didn't want to see it go.

Leah said...

I can read it. Dont know what it was like before

Rachel said...

I use FeedDemon to read, so I never noticed any problems.

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Thanks everyone for your feedback! I hope the new format works better.

I really appreciate everyone reading & leaving comments..even when you may not have been able to read my post ;o)

Last Minute Mel said...

I am new to your looks great to me. Photobucket is acting up, but its doing that everywhere.

Love your blog, Im your newest follower :)


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