Monday, April 11, 2011

The Chocolate Bunnies Are Here!!

I have been working on a provisional patent for scented vinyl for about 2 years now.
After trying to sell the rights to it to several companies,
I decided that I would sell it on the side,
and see what interest there was.

I think the idea of being able to scratch n' sniff your vinyl decals
is pretty flipping awesome!
I'm offering this limited set on my buisness Facebook page today,
and then listing what sets remain on Etsy.
Right now I only have *3* left.

For $20 including shipping you get,
1 chocolate scented 7" tall bunny and 5 jelly beans.
If you are interested,

I will be offering more types of scented vinyl in the future.
Let me know if you have any custom orders..

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