Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Easter Kitsch!

Isa calls this the Bunny Santa Tree.
Me? I was inspired by the original Veruca Salt!
But Daddy, I want a goose that lay golden eggs NOW!
Gotta love it..

Her tutorial is perfect - so I'm not going to try to remake the wheel.
I'll just let you know how I differed.

First, I *had* to have gold eggs.
I spent a hour or so on the porch chasing these buggers with spray paint.
Um. Yeah. Plastic eggs are very light and won't sit still!
Learn from me o' crafty one.
Hot glue the eggs on the tree form first.. then spray paint.
Much, much easier and less curse words uttered.

I used a foam tree form - only because I had one kicking around in the studio.
I don't think it makes too much difference if you did foam
or a rattan one like LLD did.

And that's it for the changes!
Go check out her site for more great ideas.
And go make an egg topiary..

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1 comment:

Jodie said...

Hi Jennifer,

Love This! The golden eggs are fantastic! The Veruca Salt reference made me laugh!

Have a wonderful week,


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